The Slim Line Gondola Shelving System was developed to address the limitations and cumbersome process of change-outs that are found with standard gondolas. In retail, flexibility to change and refresh is critical, and we found that the standard systems that were out there did not address this need in a manner that made it user-friendly for the end-user. The core difference in this system is the ability to construct the frame without being supported by the panel. This allows you to change up the panels with slat-wall, pegboard, gridwall, solid colors and graphics quickly and easily.

T2+ modular wall system’s approach is elegant in its simplicity. The design is based around simple to install modular frames that can be mounted to walls or back-2-back for free-standing applications. Once the frames are in place, panels of various sizes, colors, shapes, and types can be dropped into place using built in keyhole slots. Panel components are completely interchangeable. Panel locations automatically provide opening slots for hardware. Wire management is provided by the frame design itself, resulting in no visible wires, easy access, and quick interchangeability.

Cornerforms is the patented two part fastening system that can be used to construct perimeter walls, fitting rooms, floor fixtures, part time counters, trade show booths and hundreds of other construction applications. Cornerforms and its associated aluminum edge cap component naturally reinforce the panel. On site assembly is extremely simple.

Easily create temporary offices, storage areas, pop-up shops, fitting rooms and more without any permanent construction necessary!