Cornerform Gridwall

CornerForms™ is the patented two part fastening system that can be used to construct gridwall display creations, perimeter defining walls, fitting rooms, floor fixtures, modular counters, trade show booths and hundred of other construction applications. CornerForms™ with its associated edge cap component that reinforces the panel is extremely simple to assemble on site (see diagram to the left). CornerForms™ permits lasting assembly, no sliding is necessary. Shallow ceiling heights do not obstruct most assemblies. By design CornerForms™ permits field cutting. The Edge Cap Channel, Kerf Cap, or Grid Adapter in PVC or aluminum, can be removed for panel alteration and reapplied for installation.

CornerForms™ are available in new contemporary colors, white, grey, almond, black and serengeti, all 1/4”, 1/2” and 3/4” profiles are stocked in matching colors for a clean modern look. Low minimums, quick availability, and satisfaction guaranteed.