Modular privacy rooms & Do it yourself kits.

Walls+Forms is still leading the industry in ‘Low Cost’ Fitting Rooms & Privacy Rooms.

Now offering an expanded collection of low-cost modular fitting rooms and privacy rooms. They are available in a multitude of standard styles, and custom styles can be created quickly with its patented, easy to use and reconfigure CornerForms™ two-part fastening system.

A wide range of room applications such as fittings, privacy, immunization, and consultation. Designed with our economical CornerForms™ panel fastening system. This system is unique, enabling quick construction of modular rooms and easy shipping. Its various angled extrusion pieces allow for multiple room configurations. With so many options available, from colors and doors to knobs and trims, you are certain to achieve just the look you need for your fitting rooms or dressing rooms. It is also ideal for tanning salons privacy rooms.

*Panels not included with Kit

*Compatible with most 3/4″ Panel

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Temporary Modular Wall System Assembly

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